Carbon Strategy


Ecotomy delivers a multi-discliplined approach to its carbon strategy consulting.

We have created a seamless worldwide network of professionals whose talents we can harness to help resolve our clients? most demanding environmental and business issues.

We combine resources across geographic boundaries, technical and scientific disciplines and culturesto provide our clients with the best, most responsive team for each engagement.

ecotomy leverages global experience in all aspects of carbon management to develop programs that keep our clients ahead of the evolving carbon landscape. Senior members of the firm work together in multidisciplinary teams to tackle the complex and interdisciplinary climate change issues our clients are facing.

We thus develop a comprehensive perspective on projects that enables us not only to find cost-effective responses, but often to redefine the very nature of the problem, opening up a broader realm of actionable solutions.

To establish your carbon emission baseline, ecotomy will conduct an in-depth study of your current business operations, covering all aspects of energy, travel, transport, process emissions, waste and water.

Once a baseline has been calculated and carbon accounting processes have become embedded in your organisation, we will work with you to develop carbon reduction initiatives, creating operational and financial benefits.