Carbon Offsetting


After exploring opportunities for your organisation to reduce its carbon emissions, a well managed offsetting project can be an effective way to deal with remaining emissions.

There is wide global interest in offsetting; the total OTC voluntary market was estimated at US$258.4 million in 2007, based on a total transaction volume of 42.1 MtCO2e (New Carbon Finance, 2008). Many offsetting providers have attracted criticism for a lack of quality and transparency in their operations and some offsetting projects have not resulted in actual carbon reduction.

Buying credits from a low quality carbon offsetting project can be a disaster.

ecotomy provides a valuable service for clients wishing to take responsibility for the emissions that they cannot reduce, but who are suspicious of the vested interests of the offsetting industry. ecotomy will work with your organisation to provide an independent advisory service on the best providers and projects to choose in terms of quality, cost and added value for the level of offset they require.

ecotomy can also arrange brokerage if you would prefer not to handle the transaction.

Our Carbon Consultants will work with your organisation to:

Understand the purpose of your offsetting campaign.
Review your organisation?s carbon footprint and reduction strategy.
Agree required level of offsetting.
Review types of credit available and potential offsetting providers.
Create a list of offsetting options, with specific quotes from different providers.
Assist with the development of a communication campaign relating to your offsetting work.