Carbon Services


ecotomy provides a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance the way your organisation measures, monitors and manages carbon emissions.

Our team of Carbon Consultants, supported by external experts, has extensive experience of working with clients from a range of industries to measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Perhaps it's already clear what you must do to manage the carbon emissions associated with your business, but for most organisations carbon management will be complex. You'll need to factor in the obvious elements such as energy consumption and transport. You must also look beyond the obvious; otherwise any claims to good practice could be undermined.

We'll review your business operations and define the boundaries of your carbon footprint. Using an extensive data base and the latest tools we can then measure the carbon impact of your business and/or products. We'll help you develop comprehensive carbon management strategies in order to make GHG reductions and ultimately move towards Planet Positive status. We will ensure that all processes fit with your corporate and financial priorities. We can also look at a particular issue or process which needs improvement.

Carbon Audit Service
CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Advisory Service
Carbon Management Strategy
Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
Independent Carbon Offsetting Advisory Service